Begin Your Career with FPD.

You’ve done the career soul searching and know policing is a fit for you. You’ve researched the police recruitment process. Maybe you’ve even taken the required written exams. If any of the above describe you, you’ve made it to the right place.

We are currently accepting applications for Police Entry-Level, Academy Graduates, and Out-of-State Lateral Officers.

Becoming a Police Officer takes significant time and investment from both the candidate and the Department. We want to make sure you know exactly what to expect during the hiring process.

Below, you’ll find information about each of the steps you’ll need to take to start your new career at FPD. Please note that all dates are subject to change.


Hiring Process 

Step 1

First things first. To be considered for this testing process, please apply at the City of Fremont’s Government Jobs portal. Before hitting send, please make sure you meet our basic requirements:

  • Peace officers must be legally authorized to work in the United States under federal law.
  • You must be 20.5 years of age at time of filing and 21 years of age at time of appointment.
  • You have a Class C California driver’s license at the time of appointment with satisfactory driving record.
  • You have graduated from an accredited high school, GED, or CHSPE.

If you’d like a helping hand in completing the application, fill out the interest card, and we’ll provide more information and options on how to further connect with our team.

Step 2
Written Exam (Waived for Academy Graduates)

Sharpen that No. 2 pencil — it’s time to take the written exam and send in your passing score. Please visit our job announcement to view timelines.

A detailed email invitation will be sent to you once your application is at the written exam step.

To register, visit and make sure Fremont Police Department is checked. This test is pass/fail, Fremont PD applicants must score 65% on the video portion, 70% on reading, and 70% on writing.

Alternatively, FPD also will accept POST PELLETB scores. This test is pass/fail, and Fremont PD applicants must receive a 49 or higher.

Scores must be dated within 1 year from your application date.

Step 3
Invitational Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)

Once you’ve submitted a passing written score, you will receive a link to take the online PHQ. This helps us complete your Background Investigation in a more efficient, timely manner. Please be thorough and honest. Everyone has made mistakes in their past. Mistakes can be overcome, but honesty is non-negotiable.

The deadline and instructions will be sent on the email invitation.

Step 4

We want you to succeed! We are here to help prepare you for your big day with an orientation session that will give you all the details you’ll want to know about Fremont PD, City of Fremont itself, the job, and the testing process.

To find out about orientation dates, please visit the police job announcement at the City of Fremont’s Government Jobs portal.

Step 5
Oral Board Interview

We want to get to know you! One of the ways we do this is through a virtual interview with a panel made up of a Police Sergeant, a Police Officer, and a non-sworn Fremont employee.

Step 6
Lieutenant’s Panel Interview

Similar to the first interview, this virtual panel will take place with (you guessed it) a Fremont Police Lieutenant and another Fremont Police Sergeant.

Step 7
Physical Agility Test (PAT)

It’s time to get moving. Candidates who have made it to this point will receive a voucher and instructions to complete the WSTB physical agility test conducted by South Bay Regional. You must successfully maneuver the following events and score 320 points to advance to the next stage:


  • 6-foot wall
  • 99-yard obstacle course
  • 165-pound body drag
  • 500-yard run
  • 6-foot chain link fence

Note that qualified Academy Graduates are exempt from the physical agility test. Fremont PD will accept WSTB test results dated within one year from your application date.

Step 8

Polygraphs aren’t just on cop shows. Please be honest, truthful, and thorough with your answers. Your results will be reviewed by our Command Staff.

Step 9
Background Check

Following the Polygraph, you will be assigned a Background Investigator who will complete a very thorough Background Check that includes interviews with friends and family, permanent record checks, etc. The Background Investigator will stay in contact with you during this process.

Step 10
Executive Panel Interview

This final interview panel includes the Fremont Police Chief and Fremont Police Captains. The Command Staff decides at the conclusion of the interview whether or not a conditional offer will be extended.

Step 11
Medical and Psychological Evaluations

With the approval of the Executive Interview Panel, you’ll receive a same-day offer that is contingent on the Pre-employment Medical and Psychological Evaluations.

Step 12
Final Job Offer

Congratulations! You’ve got the job, welcome to Team FPD.