Maybe the endless office shuffle has you down. The seemingly infinite Excel spreadsheets and busy work just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

Perhaps you’ve always been interested in a law enforcement career, but police work wasn’t quite right.

Or maybe you’re already in the Dispatcher world, but don’t feel like a valued member of your department’s overall team.

If you’re looking to make a difference in a fast-paced job that changes every day, it’s time to dial-in on becoming a Dispatcher at Fremont Police Department.

Curious. Invested. Multi-tasker. Composed. Good communicator. These are just some of the traits it takes to answer and assist with over 850 calls per day that come into the Fremont Police Communications Center from the City of Fremont and Union City.

If any of the above describes you, read on to explore what your future Police Dispatcher job at FPD could look like.

Break Out of the 9-5 Mold

Our flex work schedule means that Dispatchers work 11-hour shifts for four days, then enjoy four days off. Dispatchers are assigned to three shifts schedules (day, swing, and mid) on a rotational basis.

“One of the things I love about being a Dispatcher is you never quite know what the day will bring, and when you leave, there’s nothing left waiting for you when you come back. It’s a fresh slate.”

— Erin Aguilar, Dispatcher

We know sitting behind the phone and computer screen can be taxing in its own right. We want you to have the freedom to get moving. During your shift, we pay you to work out for an hour. Every Wednesday, we have a personal trainer in the house.


Receive the Support You Need to Support Others

Dispatchers are the heroes behind the phone that keep both the community and our Police Officers safe every day. The decisions Dispatchers make can quite literally mean the difference between life and death.

The formal, extensive Dispatcher training process starts your very first day and lasts for 33-39 weeks, but mentorship and guidance never stop.

You’ll attend our in-house Academy where you’ll learn police dispatch codes, laws, and operational procedures, receive training on call taking, phone, and police dispatch radio operation from our very own Fremont Dispatchers.

Once you receive your POST California Dispatcher Certification, then the real work begins. But don’t worry, you won’t be answering 911 calls your first moments on the job.

In 10-week rotations, you’ll spend time assigned to non-emergency phone lines, back-up radio channel, and then a final rotation in the emergency 911 Dispatcher hot seat. You’ll have a backup Dispatcher with you the whole time to help you determine next steps, correct any mistakes, and provide general guidance and mentorship.

After the formal training process is complete, you’ll have room to advance your career with opportunities in Tactical Dispatching, Dispatch Supervisor, Peer Support, Mentoring, and even becoming a Communications Training Officer yourself.

Compensation and Benefits Highlights

Getting down to brass tacks, Dispatcher salaries range from $7,829.02 to $9,516.22 monthly depending on experience level.

Other benefit highlights include:

  • Paid on-duty workout available in the Department gym with treadmills and bikes
  • Access to on-site trainer
  • Excellent CalPERS retirement plan; required PERS contributions vary by plan
  • 192 hours annual General Leave, 264 hours maximum
  • $2,600 monthly City contribution toward medical, dental, and vision through the Teamsters Local 856 Health & Welfare Trust
  • Uniform Allowance and City-paid life insurance

Visit the benefits page to see our complete Dispatcher benefits summary.

Thrive in a Beautiful Workspace

We know that where you work strongly correlates to morale, productivity, and quality of work.

The Fremont Police Communications Center is thoughtfully positioned on the third floor of the Robert Wasserman Fremont Police Center.

Look out over the city you are helping to protect with floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of Fremont Central Park, Lake Elizabeth, Central Park Dog Park, and of course, Fremont’s famous rolling hills.

Experience the views from any of our ergonomic workstations that can be transformed into sitting or standing desks. We even offer TVs at workstations for the inevitable quiet lulls during certain shift times (Bonus: there’s no need to pretend to be busy when your boss walks by).

When it’s time for lunch, head to our full kitchen to whip up a meal and soak up some rays as you refuel on the patio. Or enjoy some peace and quiet away from the chatter in our designated lounge area with recliners.

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Know the Team You are Supporting

The location of the Communications Center isn’t just attractive. It’s one of the ways our Police Dispatchers stay connected to the Police Officers they are dispatching aid to day after day.

Working in physically closer quarters allows Dispatchers and Police Officers to build the rapport and trust necessary to keep everyone safe in dangerous conditions. Knowing the faces, names, and voices on the other side of the radio makes all of the difference.

And just because Emergency Dispatchers aren’t on the ground, doesn’t mean they are forgotten when it comes to necessary Peer Support after a traumatic incident.

We’ve got your back, so you can have the backs of the Police Officers and the community.

Thinking about joining our team of top notch Dispatchers, but don’t know what the next steps are? Fill out the interest card to connect with a Fremont PD Recruiter or start the application process now!