Get a firsthand account of what it’s like to work at Fremont Police Department from our officers that came to police work from all walks of life.

Fremont Police Department Overview

See how FPD is defying stereotypes, serving a diverse community, utilizing cutting edge law enforcement technology, and providing the training and career development our officers need to go above and beyond every day.

Troy Roberts, Detective and Jamil Roberts, Detective

Brothers Troy and Jamil Roberts discuss what brought them to Fremont Police Department, what working in the Investigations Unit is like, and the friendly sibling rivalry that keeps them constantly upping their game at FPD.

Jennifer Ferrara, Police Officer

Officer Jennifer Ferrara talks about her experience moving to Fremont Police Department from Nashville, and the skills she has acquired working as a Field Training Officer, an Officer in the K9 Unit, and a Detective in the Investigations Unit.

Mandy Singh, Police Officer

Officer Mandy Singh came to Fremont PD after a stint as a Police Explorer where she learned about FPD’s use of technology, extensive training, and diverse workforce that serves Fremont’s community.

Chris Tucker, Police Officer

Lateral Officer Chris Tucker on what drew him to Fremont Police Department after working at another Bay Area agency for years, including the strong relationship with the Fremont community, extensive training, and resources Fremont PD has access to.