Life experience can come in many different forms.

Pursuing a college education expands one’s horizons. Striking out on your own after high school offers lessons learned.

The point is, our Officers see a world beyond their front yard.

Be Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

You have choices.

Rather than focus on personal gain, you’re looking to make a difference, to be part of an organization that changes people’s lives for the better.

As an organization, we strive to do everything humanly possible to help and protect our community. This mentality leaves no room for cutting corners.

We work for the Fremont community. When our community demands greater social justice changes, we respond.

This is how we serve you so you can serve the Fremont community.

Let’s Talk Compensation and Benefits

Your salary starts at $9,435.34 per month during the Academy. When you’re promoted to Police Officer upon graduation, your salary will increase to $10,378.86 per month.

Our shift schedule is four days on, four days off, 11 hours per shift (including one hour paid on-duty workout, more on this later).

Below is a glimpse of your benefits. Check out the benefits page to learn more.

  • CalPERS retirement plan: PEPRA Member — 2.7% @ 57
  • Educational Incentive Pay: AA or AS Degree — 2.5% of base pay; BA or BS Degree and above — 5% of base pay
  • Bilingual pay incentive of $125.00 per pay period
  • 112 hours of annual Holiday Pay
  • Paid Vacation starts at 120 hours annually, 360 hour maximum
  • $2,600 monthly City contribution toward medical and dental; vision provided through Fremont Police Association (FPA)
  • $1,750 annual Uniform Allowance ($500 for first year)

Training and Career Development

We believe in life-long learning.

Toward this end, we will train you — and not just through the Academy. We provide an average of 762 training courses that you can attend each year with Alameda County’s highest police training budget per employee (2019: $840,000 in total post-Academy).

If you aspire to be an undercover cop one day, we have training on undercover operations and plain clothes safety. Or if you want to specialize in traffic, we have a course on street racing enforcement training — no “fast and furious” on our turf.

You will also have the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments and teams:


Assignment and Teams
Crime Scene Investigations S.W.A.T. Team
Field Training OfficersSchool Resource Officers
Hostage Negotiation Team Special Investigative Unit
Investigations UnitStreet Crimes Unit
K9 UnitTactical Emergency Medical Support Team
Major Crime Task Force Traffic Motor Unit
Mobile Evaluation Team Drone as First Responders Program
Patrol Officers


Intelligence-led Policing

In fighting community crimes, we encourage our Patrol Officers to own their cases, equipping them with the proper tools to initiate and often conduct criminal investigations. Check out the technology we use.

One part of our intelligence-led policing entails strategically placed community cameras, both those operated by FPD as well as those we have access to from our partnerships with local businesses.

In one case, we were notified that a camera had been hidden in the seat cover dispenser of the men’s bathroom at a local trampoline park. Using the time stamp of when the hidden camera had been turned on, we scoured our cameras placed at Fremont onramps to manually scan license plates that were seen leaving the area at around that time.

Previously we would have had no leads on a case like this, but intelligence-led policing made it possible to compile a list of suspects, which led to an arrest.

We Pay You to Work Out

Our flex work schedule involves working 11-hour shifts for four days, then enjoying four days off.

During your shift, we pay you to work out for an hour. Every Wednesday, we have a personal trainer in the house. It’s our way of recognizing the importance of fitness in this job.



One more comment —

We provide towels for your workout.

On the surface, this might not sound like a big deal. How hard is it to bring your own towel to a workout?

Yet, it becomes a hassle over time. You have to keep up with the wash, and inevitably people forget their towels. (Ever try to borrow someone else’s towel?)

Our mentality is to do everything possible — ranging from the major to minor stuff — so you can focus on your job.

Not all Police Departments are Created Equal

We’re proud that we’ve created one of the top police agencies in the country.

We encourage you to book an orientation tour to experience Fremont PD.

Want to learn more? Check out our recruitment process and fill out the interest card (takes 1 minute!). We’ll connect with you shortly.

Or start the application process now.